Book Review: Speaking of Apraxia

Speaking of Apraxia: A Parents’ Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Author: Leslie Lindsay
Description: At last, a parents’ guide to understanding, treating, and living with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Written in an empathic style by a parent who “has been there”, Speaking of Apraxia offers hope and practical advice for parents of toddlers to teens…

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Our Review

This is the first book I’ve read specific to Apraxia. I went through lists and read all the reviews trying to find the right place to start my education. This book was the one that realy stood out as a “must read”, receiving plenty of praise and balancing a parental point of view and a clinical and procedural understanding of things. On top of being the mother to an apraxic child, the author is a child/adolescent psychiatric R.N. at the Mayo Clinic and no stranger to the medical world. She does an amazing job of making some of the heavier subjects (dealing with the diagnosis, emotions and family life, future expectations) accessible and always providing real-life examples that are relatable and often encouraging.

I plowed through this book in just a few days. Seeing as our little isn’t even 3 yet, I skipped a few of the sections about middle school and high school transitions. I did spend extra time on the sections about choosing a speech language pathologist (SLP), grieving a recent diagnosis, navigating public schools and the IEP, and any advice on how to be the best advocate for your child. Some of the best content isn’t exclusive to CAS and would definitely be beneficial for any parent of a special needs child.

There is a section on the medical nature of childhood apraxia of speech, what it is and why it happens (hint: they don’t know). You could easily make photocopies of a few of the pages to hand out to any skeptical family members or to anyone that’s genuinely looking to learn more about about CAS.

One thing that’s great about this book is the summaries that wrap up each chapter, making it a book that will be easy to reference later on. The author also provides an overwhelming amount of additional reading in the form of book suggestions and links to online material.

I will be strongly recommending our immediate family keep a copy of this book close at hand, even if they don’t read it cover to cover. I think it’ll save all of us time if we can refer them to a specific section of this book at any given time.



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